Wedding Rings

Wedding is an important event in every couple's life. There are many different and small preparations to make before a wedding, like choosing a location, finalizing a wedding car, ordering decorations, hunting for the perfect wedding cake, preparing for the reception and last but not the least deciding on the favors. For the bride in particular- selection of bridesmaids from the group of friends and cousins, can indeed be quite a difficult call. However, maximum effort and time seems to get invested in selecting the wedding ring. After all it is a matter of once in a lifetime! Ina wedding ceremony, the couple exchange their wedding rings as a symbol of their union. In fact, this exchange of rings symbolizes the beginning of a new life where all sorrows and happiness get shared between the couple.

Wedding Rings
Symbolization of the ring

What the ring symbolizes is this- the circle is a symbol for eternity (a circle has no beginning and no end, just like time) and the space in between is not believed to be empty but in fact a gateway to a world, where life is in a superior state than the way it was for the couple before they "entered" their respective rings.

Brief history of the wedding ring

Rings for Wedding Initially, it was the Egyptians who came up with the idea of creating wedding rings, weaving them from the rushes, sedges and reeds found along the banks of the River Nile, as the Nile was believed to be the bringer of life (food).

Once metallurgy grew in popularity, Egyptians started using clumsy moldedrings adorned with precious gems (probably to higher their value) as rings for thier wedding. However, more than weddings, these rings were heavily used for trading and investment purposes. Later on, the Romans utilized iron for the rings (to depict the strength of the man's love for the bride).

Custom of the left handed ring finger

It was in later cultures like the ones in Greece, where the custom of placing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand grew in popularity. There were no superstitions attached to this custom as such, just that it was taken for granted that when a man faces his loved one and reaches out with his right hand (most people tend to be right handed) for her, then it made sense that the left hand of his lover would be the first thing that would come into contact with his right hand, as it was directly opposite to his right hand. Looks like they did not bother to find out if the finger actually connects directly to one of the veins that goes all the way to the heart!!

However, selecting a ring is one tricky part of your wedding preparation. There are different options available for ring for your wedding.

Here are some points which you should keep in mind before buying your ring for wedding.

    Affordable Wedding Rings
  • Most people opt to buy ring sets which look exactly the same for the bride and groom. However, a careful eye would be able to tell you that even the most similar ring set comes with a little twist, which differentiates the feminine from the masculine ring.
  • Another option for ring for wedding is wedding bands which are simple yet elegant. One may opt for a platinum band studded with diamonds or semi-precious stones to add that extra glitz! However, some couples go for a diamond ring set in platinum, which renders a rather aristocratic touch to any finger that adorns it.
  • If you know the preferences of your partner you may choose a ring for your wedding that comes with colored stones like topaz, emerald, ruby or sapphire.
  • The classic diamond ring is your safest bet. Diamond rings are available with platinum yellow gold and white gold. Put your ring in an ice cube mould and pour in some water. Let it freeze. Surprise your partner by serving him/her, his/ her favorite drink and place your special ice cube along with some more cubes in it. As your partner discovers the ring capture moment in your heart- to be treasured for a lifetime!
  • Before finalizing ring of your wedding, check the prices with different sellers. Compare the prices of the rings in the same category and choose the most feasible option.
  • Remember to ask for a guarantee certificate if available.

Wedding rings are one of the most, if not the most, romantic aspects of marriage. It is the most understated way of representing the exchange of love between a couple. It is for this very reason that you need to decide on your rings for wedding with utmost care and thought put behind your choice of pick. We wish you all the best as you make your big decision.

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